Cold Storage Doors

ASI Cold Storage Doors
  • Premier quality vertical rise door ideal for areas with side clearance restrictions.
  • Adjustable “down and in” panel action provides positive seal and reduces gasket wear.
  • Synthetic grease-resistant fully adjustable gaskets at four sides for positive seal.
  • Adjustable counter balancing weight system which eliminates costly torsion springs.
  • Stainless steel casings.

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Dynaco Freezer M2

Designed for interior and exterior environments where cold storage with negative temperatures to as low as –22°F are required. The door comes with an automatic cycle mode to maintain door operation in freezer applications. The control box should be mounted on the warm side, but optional cold side mounting is available.

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Frank Door Company

Experience is the main reason why Frank Door consistently gives its customers the smooth-working, long-lasting cold storage doors they need. A family owned and operated company, our roots in the business began over 25 years ago. The application and product design knowledge that we gained during that time is an important part of what separates us from other cold storage door manufacturers. We manufacture doors that fit, function and last in virtually any type of application. Of course, there are some standard sizes and configurations but all our doors are built to specific requirements. Your requirements.

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Jamison Cold Storage Doors

Since 1906, Jamison has pioneered the cold storage door industry with innovative designs, unsurpassed product quality, and outstanding customer service.

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