Planned Maintenance - Doors

INSPECTION: Physical condition of door(s)
  • All welds & anchors
  • Rollers & tracks
  • Springs
  • Chains & sprockets
  • Limits, photo eyes, floor loop & Pull cords
  • Belts & pulleys
  • Alignment of door
  • Wear of all parts
  • Operation of all mechanisms
  • Reversing edge
ADJUSTMENTS: As required within manufacturer’s recommended tolerances to maintain proper operation
  • Chain & belt tension
  • Turn arms
  • Pressure switch
  • Spring tension
  • Limits & photo eyes
  • Timer
  • Brake

LUBRICATION: Apply proper lubricant, oil grease to all moving parts in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations

CLEANING: General housekeeping
  • Remove debris interfering with operation of door
NOTE: Any parts, welding or labor required not covered by this contract will be brought to your attention with an estimated cost for such repairs.